A Very 80s Halloween


Halloween isn’t necessarily a holiday you associate flowers with, is it? Maybe for most flower shops— but not for us!


This year, we partnered with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for the second year to throw the President’s annual Halloween party! Last year, the theme was “Haunted Mansion.” This year, it was centered around the featured entertainment — an 80’s cover band called the Spazmatics.


Cue the bow ties, suspenders, bright colors and slinkies!


When we heard the theme, we had several brainstorming sessions as a team and couldn’t wait to get started. We had a blast designing this event, everything from the invitations to the centerpieces. And, if we don’t say so ourselves, it was a smashing hit!


Here were some highlights:


  • Invitations & Signage: We were thrilled to design the invitations, signage and tags for the event. We were so inspired by the Spazmatic’s hilarious attire (bowties, neck braces, suspenders, etc.) that we designed the invites and signage to fall right in-line with their spunk.
  • Centerpieces: We had two types of centerpieces (check out the photos below). One set of the centerpieces were mannequin heads that we beautified with 80s makeup (for the women) and face paint (for the men). We added colorful wigs and hats for pizzaz. At the bottom of each head, we added moss, greenery or colorful flowers. The other centerpieces were large skulls with a free-flowing arrangement on top. The flowers were all rich, bold colors.
  • Dance Floor Chandelier: We created and hung a slinky chandelier smack-dab in the center of the dance floor. The slinkies were glow-in-the-dark and vibrant colors. The chandelier demanded the attention of the room!
  • Streamer Walls: Colorful streamer walls are trendy right now, so we took advantage of the opportunity to make statement walls with streamers. We added metallic touches to make the walls pop in the low light.


Flip through the photos to see all the beautiful details — you won’t want to miss anything!


We can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be. Until then, enjoy all your (or your kids’) leftover Halloween candy!