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Summer Lovin’


It’s time for a confession: We love our clients.


At Grayce, we have the joy of serving countless fabulous and amazing clients. We love making each clients’ vision come alive through beautiful flowers, decor and lots of little details. We care deeply for the people we serve and the quality of product we deliver our clients.


BUT — as a bunch of creatives at heart, it’s important for us Grayce Girls to let our creativity run rampant every once in awhile and throw our own parties to both inspire ourselves and each other!. Plus, we get to invite all our clients and spoil them as a way of saying “thank you” for your loyalty to our shop.


This summer we hosted our first in-store event. We called it our Summer Soirée (how Parisian of us, right?).


In late-July, we partnered up with Ribbons & Bows Intimates and Drest for a beautiful evening of live music, a style show, and Florals!


Our inspiration for the decor and theme of the party came from our deep love for all things lemon! Here’s a closer look at some details:



There’s just something about a physical invitation that makes a party even more fabulous. Who doesn’t like getting an invite by mail nowadays?


We wanted to combine our lemon theme with a basic Grayce element — stripes! We then selected two typefaces that complimented each other and gave off a bit of an elegant, yet fun, feel.


We selected a recycled linen paper and a gold lined envelope — so lovely!



What’s a lemon-themed event without lemons in the floral arrangements? Easy answer: It’s not a real lemon-themed event.


We designed most of our arrangements in tall vases of whole lemons. Not only did our arrangements smell good, but the lemons added a cheerful pop of color through the clear vases. They were a huge hit!


For an easy take home selection we designed fresh citrus inspired arrangements in mint julep cups with their own little details of attached inspirational cards. Of course our flower bar wouldn't be complete without our signature burlap bouquets, perfect for so many occasions.



Linens are often an element of an event that people choose to scale back. Though they can be costly, they can also make a really impressive statement for your event! We saw these gorgeous colorful linens on one of our vendors’ sites and we knew we had to rent them for our soirée. We coupled the colorful paisley linens with some basic check linens in green, yellow and strawberry. They were everything you could possibly want in a linen.


Lemonade Stand

One of our favorite elements of our party was the lemonade stand, which offered guests both regular lemonade or lemon drop martinis! We handmade the curtains for the stand (mimicking our invitations) and were thrilled with the result. To tie it all together, we used a snippet from the famous song Somewhere Over the Rainbow — “where troubles melt like lemon drops” — on our chalkboard below the lemonade stand.


[Side note: The lamb head was conjured up by one of the Grayce Girls who happens to be obsessed with lambs. You’ll hear more about her in another blog.]


Other Details

At Grayce, we are firm believers in not skimping on the details. Things like special labels for water, description cards for foods and special cards to put on our arrangements are part of what sets us apart from other shops!


Based on the success of our first party, we are so excited for round two in fall. Prepare yourselves, friends, for another dynamite party.


With love,

The Grayce Girls