Our Fearless Leader, Stormie


“That Stormie really knows how to throw a party.”


Boy does she ever.


Grayce is the vision of store owner and director of creativity, Stormie Taggart. Describe Stormie in a few words, you ask? Phew. That’s tough because she’s pretty much a star at everything. But if you insist, we’d say: Stormie is the brains, spirit and visionary behind Grayce. She’s also the greatest hostess you’ll ever meet. I think most people would agree with the statement we hear a lot around our shop: We’d trust Stormie with just about anything regarding floral, events, creativity, or home decor.


If you’ve never met Stormie, you need to swing by the store. It’s hard to believe, but she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.


Instead of continuing to blab about our amazing leader (which we easily could go on for hours…), we asked her a few questions so our fans and friends could get to know her a little better. It went a little something like this…


Q: What is your favorite flower?


A: Let’s change that question to what are your favorite flowers :) ? I love so many and fall in love with new ones each season. On the top of my list would have to be dinner plate dahlias and coral charm peonies.  Both of which have such a short season.



Q: Inspiration for Grayce?


A: I wanted to fill my days doing what I was passionate about.  I've always been drawn to nature and beautiful textures.  I've had a green thumb since I was a child,

which ultimately lead to the floral industry.


I had been out of the business for awhile and missed it. Lubbock had a huge void to fill so I went for it.  The name "Grayce "came from me reflecting on God's Grace in my life.  He always covers me with Grace, which in turn gives me joy and peace.  Just what I wanted this shop to do for others.  From the day I opened the doors that's exactly what

it has done. I wanted the shop to have the feel of a European flower shop- they are usually very small and unbelievably beautiful. I wanted to capture that feeling. I wanted it to feel rich and special without being pretentious.  It was important to me that it be beautiful to all senses.  We play great music, burn a candle and encourage people to touch and smell the flowers. I wanted people to feel transported.  The shop may be small,  but it has a BIG impact.



Q: How did you become so good at what you do?


A: It’s a passion that has evolved in me since my childhood.  I was brought up by a Mom that was so naturally talented, with a unique and classy style ,who always created beauty in our home. It became a part of me. The thirst for creating beautiful things around me has very deep roots!




Q: What’s the best part about throwing a Party or an event?


A: It’s all about the small details !!!  It's the unexpected that makes people stop in their tracks and take notice.  It's creating an atmosphere that once your guests arrive they are so overtaken by the wow factor, that they are suddenly lost in the moment and ready to enjoy the beauty.  ❤️ Creating beauty for others to enjoy fulfills me. And it makes all the hard work and preparation worth it!!



Q: Who and what is currently inspiring you most?


A: Inspiration is pretty much the fuel of my life.  Right now, it's the people that surround me.  My husband that always brags on me.  My team Grayce that keep me on my toes and is always throwing new ideas at me. I am in awe of their creations and the hard work they pour into the shop everyday.     My children and grandchildren, knowing that by them witnessing me working hard toward a dream, it is planting a seed in them. That

living a life you dreamed is possible.  Of course my biggest  inspiration is fueled by time with God, which makes all the above possible.


We hear there's a Motto you live by at Grayce "things always work out"  tell us more about that!  These are strong words coming from me, being I'm a planner and a big worrier!  But looking back over the years and through the trials  and tribulations of my own life I see it has always worked out , maybe not like I planned , often better then I planned.    When I use that quote in the shop, while at crunch time for a huge event, I reflect on tough seasons of my own path and realize planning a huge event and planning life can at times take the same survivor skills. Skills which I feel develop with experience.



Q: What’s one thing people don't know about you?


A: That’s a tough one being I am a pretty transparent person.  One thing some may not know about me is I avoid saying Goodbye to people. Being no stranger to loss in my life "Goodbye" is the one button that can unleash a thousand  tears, so you may get a "see ya soon" or a “see ya later",  the next time you head out of the shop.



Q: Next for Stormie and Grayce?


A: Well the dream chaser that I am, of course I have some big plans in the works.  Stay tuned!